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This function returns the context of the current Hybridly instance. It is not reactive.

It is meant as an escape-hatch for advanced use cases, and not for your typical application.


interface RouterContext {
	/** The current, normalized URL. */
	url: string
	/** The current component's name. */
	view: View
	/** The current local asset version. */
	version: string
	/** The current adapter's functions. */
	adapter: Adapter
	/** Scroll positions of the current page's DOM elements. */
	scrollRegions: ScrollRegion[]
	/** Arbitrary state. */
	state: Record<string, any>
	/** Currently pending navigation. */
	pendingNavigation?: PendingNavigation
	/** History state serializer. */
	serializer: Serializer
	/** List of plugins. */
	plugins: Plugin[]
	/** Global hooks. */
	hooks: Partial<Record<keyof Hooks, Array<Function>>>

function getRouterContext(): RouterContext