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This function updates the given property. The path is typed, provided TypeScript support for global properties is set up properly.

RelateduseProperty, useProperties
ExperimentalThis function can be changed or removed at any point.


setProperty accepts the property name as its first parameter and the property value as its second. To update a nested property, you may use a dot-notated path.

Global properties

const name = useProperty('security.user.full_name')
console.log(name) // Jon Doe

setProperty('security.user.full_name', 'Jane Doe')
console.log(name) // Jane Doe

Local properties

Since local properties can't benefit from global typings, you may use a generic to specify its type.

const $props = defineProps<{ users: number }>()
console.log($props.users) // 41

setProperty<number>('users', 42)
console.log($props.users) // 42