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Using Vue Devtools

Hybridly comes with a built-in Vue plugin that integrates with Vue Devtools. You may read more about it on the dedicated documentation.

Using the console

Hybridly implements debug, a lightweight debug utility that allows logging data.

To enable logging, you may add the debug:* key/value pair to your application's local storage. You may also be more specific and chose to only log certain values instead of using *.

In tests

During tests, you may use the hdd macro on TestResponse instances.

test('guests can see the login page', function () {

When using hdd on non-hybrid responses, the response's body will be shown instead.

hdd macro

Using Ray

If you are using Ray by Spatie, the showHybridRequests macro will automatically be registered.


This may be useful, for instance, to investigate which properties are sent to the front-end.

Ray debugging

To stop showing hybrid responses, you may also call stopShowingHybridRequests.