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Progress indicator


Single-page applications, because of their nature, do not benefit from the browser loading indicator. When pages take time to load, it can look like a navigation did not work, whereas it is in progress in the background.

To solve this, a progress indicator is required. Hybridly comes with one by default, but you can disable it and implement your own.

Using the built-in indicator

By default, a progress indicator is shown when a request takes longer than 250 milliseconds to finish.

You may customize this behavior by providing a progress property to the initializeHybridly function.

	progress: { // The default options are as follow:
		color: '#fca5a5',
		delay: 250,
		includeCSS: true,
		spinner: false,

Credits where due

The underlying progress indicator uses nprogress. The original implementation is inspired from @inertiajs/progress.

Using a custom indicator

Under the hood, the built-in progress indicator is actually a plugin. It hooks into the start, progress, error, fail and after lifecycle events.

To build your own custom indicator, disable the built-in one and create your own plugin.