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Visual Studio Code


The official Visual Studio Code extension offers an improved navigation support and auto-completion throughout Hybridly applications.

Layout linking and auto-completion

When using the <template layout> syntax, the layout names will be linkified to their corresponding layout files.

Linkified layout files

Route linking

When using Laravel or Hybridly's route functions, the route name will be linkified to its corresponding controller method.

Linkified route names

Component linking and auto-completion

When rendering a view with the hybridly function, the view component name will be linkified to its corresponding single-file component.

Linkified view components

Additionnal features

In addition to Hybridly-specific features, the Code extension also integrates with Pest, avoiding the need for the Better Pest extension, and adds support for scaffolding classes or updating namespaces.

By default, you may:

  • Run the current test by pressing F6
  • Run tests in the current file by pressing F7
  • Run all tests by pressing F8
  • Run the previous test by pressing F9
  • Generate a class in an empty file by running the Generate class command
    • If the file is not empty, the command will update the namespace instead for quick refactoring