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Comparison with Inertia


The following is a non-exhaustive comparison table between Inertia and Hybridly's features.

Link componentYesYes
Programmatic navigationYesYes
Back-end-initiated external navigation supportYesYes
Front-end-initiated external navigation supportNoYes
Local navigation support (no server round-trip)NoYes
Global propertiesYesYes
TypeScript support for global propertiesNoYes
Persistent propertiesNoYes
Partial reloadsYesYes
Inclusion support for partialsYesYes
Exclusion support for partialsNoYes
Dot notation support for partialsNoYes
Persistent layoutYesYes
Persistent layout propertiesNoYes
Vite integrationNoYes
layout support in templatesNoYes
Built-in Paginator typesNoYes
Built-in form utilYesYes
Built-in route util with TypeScript supportNoYes
Built-in can util with TypeScript supportNoYes
Built-in testing utilsYesYes
Auto-conversion to FormDataYesYes
Infinite scroll supportNoYes
Server-side renderingYesPlanned
Built-in meta managementYesNo 1
Dialogs supportPlanned 2Yes
Request events supportYesYes
Global events supportYesYes
Internationalization supportNoYes
Property case conversion supportNoYes
Exposed back-forward detectionNoYes
Framework-agnostic coreYesYes
Custom Axios instance supportNoYes
Official React, Svelte, Rails, Django supportYesNo
Vue DevTools integrationNoYes
Visual Studio Code extensionYes 3Yes
1. @vueuse/head is recommended instead
2. Support through third-party package using Momentum
3. Unofficial extension by Nicolas Hedger